Not just fine chemicals, we take all aspects of your request seriously,including packaging, delivery, COA, customer service, technical support etc
We believe that in order to bring the finest chemical reagents to customers , we need to anticipate what each customer’s needs in his position (or situation). Not only the quality of reagent is our major concern, we also bring the best service from all other aspects including packaging, delivery, COA, customer service and tech support etc. At Aencore, we spare no effort trying to meet the demand of all the aspects mentioned above, that’s why customers can always rely on us and never have to worry about any sort of short-coming from the product ordered.
With non-stop, ever-changing advancement of technology , Aencore chemical is able to innovate through implanting the newest, best cutting-edge technology into all its operation. In addition, by thinking ahead of our competitors, Aencore has always been able to out-think others and provide the best products and service in the market and stay ahead of others.