Quality Control
HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography.):
Aencore relies on this instrument to clearly identify and quantify each components for each chemical reagent with highest resolution, highest sensitivity and fastest analysis so that the purity and quality of Aencore products can be assured.

GC (Gas chromatography):
Another important instrument which Aencore QC department heavily depends on on purity analysis of chemical reagents. With years of operational experience on this instrument and well trained lab chemists, gas chromatography has played a indispensible role in Aencore's QC laboratory.

GC-MS (Gas chromatography - mass spectrometry):
With this highly functional instrument, along with the function of gas chromatography ,Aencore is able to identify different substances within a test sample with impeccable accuracy.

UV (Ultraviolet visible spectroscopy):
UV/Vis spectroscopy is routinely used at Aencore for the quantitative determination of different analysis, such as transition metal ions, highly conjugated organic compounds, and biological macromolecules.

Karl Fischer titration:
Aenocre has acquired this instrument to detect the water content of varies chemical reagents so that the analysis can be more complete and more informative to the clients.

In the field of inorganic chemistry, color has been one of the most important aspects to distinguish the quality of varies chemicals.This instrument allows Aencore to ensure the high standard of quality through the field of colorimetry.